World Environment Day Celebration

  • World Environment Day celebrated with great enthusiasm at the Sarigam site each year on 5th June.
  • Over 100 trees planted at Sarigam site.
  • 3000 trees planted in collaboration with G.I.D.C. , G.P.C.B , Aarti Drugs and Valiant Organics.

Renewable Resources 

  • First Windmill commissioned for Captive Consumption of 0.8 MW at Samana Gujarat in 2010.
  • Initiative to further reduce carbon foot print, second windmill of 0.8 MW ordered for commission in June 2017 for captive consumption near Rajkot Gujarat.
  • Energy Audit completed and implemented.
  • Gradual change over from CFL to LED.


  • The site has its own Effluent Treatment plant having a capacity of 40 m3 per day.
  • The treatment carried out is Primary, Secondary and Tertiary (Biomass).
  • The treated water is discharged into the sea via a pipeline.
  • Val is also a member of the Sarigam common effluent treatment plant.