Val Organics Private Limited is part of The Goodwill Group of Companies (Established in 1968).

The first manufacturing site was established in 1998 in Silvassa, with the aim of forward integration for the existing product range of Goodwill Group at Thane. The already existing Chlorobenzene, Dichlorobenzene and Trichlorobenzene business was further enhanced at this site. With in-house R&D and sustained growth models; Dichloroanilines, Trichloroanilines and 2,4 Dichloro Acetophenone were added to the product range in rapid time.

Val Organics Pvt. Ltd. became the Leader in Friedel Crafts reactions and distillation processes in India, having the largest capacity for Acetophenone ranges in the country with its Flagship site at Sarigam, Gujarat established in 2009.Our products are of the highest quality and the plant maintains the flexibility to cater to specific customer needs.

Today we are India’s Largest Manufacturers of 2,4 Dichloro Acetophenone and  2,4 Dichloro-5-Fluoro Acetophenone and a leader in the intermediates field for Agro Chemicals, Pigments, Dyes and Pharmaceuticals.

Strong Commitment to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality are the 4 Pillars of our success