Team Work

Our core teams work round the clock to ensure safety of employees at all times.

  • Spill Control Team
  • Rescue Team
  • First Aid Team
  • Firefighting Team

Fire Safety 

  • The plant has the ring system installed according to norms, has call points and detectors all over the site to prevent any fire outbreak.
  • Pressurized fire water ring with pumps on electricity and diesel jockey pumps to maintain the ring main pressure at 7kg/s2 is provided with 400,000 litres water storage sump.
  • The fire hydrant lines are running in all the plants and for the storage tank farm area equipped with 49 portable fire fighting equipments, 18 manual call points, 22 hydrant points and hose stations, 11 risers , 3 foam monitors, 10 safety showers, 7 first aid boxes etc.
  • Smoke and Heat detectors on site.
  • Public fire service stations is located less than 1 km away.

General Safety 

  • Complete safety equipment and accessories made mandatory for all on-site, such as helmets, protective suits, safety goggles, etc.
  • Fire and emergency exits provided wherever required.
  • Alarm systems in place.
  • Safety showers and eye wash basins provided on-site.
  • All electricals are flame-proof in the complete factory area.
  • Adequate distances maintained between buildings, tank farms and storage areas.
  • An ETP system for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary treatment has been provided on-site to meet all outlet norms.
  • Fully equipped medical room with a visiting doctor, to periodically check the health of the workers and factory staff.
  • Environmental clearance for all products manufactured with requisite factory permissions.
  • Member of Sarigam CETP,  Sarigam Waste Management Co. and for hazardous waste incineration Bharuch Enviro.
  • Hygiene Survey and Health Risk Assessments done regularly.

Process Safety

  • All material handling systems are automatic and closed systems with zero human contact.
  • Nitrogen plant on site for vacuum breaking.
  • Adequate scrubbing systems have been provided.
  • Hazops studies completed and implemented.
  • DSC study completed.
  • PLC controls on site.